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We all love stories. We can’t help it. They fill our vision and capture our heart. And these stories all follow familiar patterns: rags to riches; the monster defeated; love lost and then found again. Across the ages and down through history, these same themes have resonated with people. Is it possible that these themes go deeper than the story books? Could it be that we tell such stories because we are in such a story? And might the ultimate Hero have shown up, turning it all from fiction to fact? That’s the claim of this book.

In Love Story, we explore Jesus as the true Hero and Easter as the ‘myth that really happened.’

On the 19th of September 1931 CS Lewis has a conversation with JRR Tolkien that changed him forever. That day he realised that the Gospels were the true myth – the myth that really happened.

The bible tells a love story. It is a romance with one hero at its centre – the Son of God – and he longs to bring us home.

Love stoops, love suffers, love sacrifices and love stands again. This is the meaning of the Easter story.